In July 2009, Dive Planet rediscovered the remains of the famous “Rose Island,” just to mark the 40th year since the sinking, and it is now our dive site.
Dive suitable for everyone given the maximum depth of 12 m, rich in biology and microbiology that can be found among the various remains of the structures.
We reach this site in only 7 minutes of navigation!

Isola delle Rose, was the name given to a 400 m² artificial platform that rose in the Adriatic Sea 11.612 km off the coast of the then province of Forli and 500 m outside Italian territorial waters; built by Bolognese engineer Giorgio Rosa, it self-proclaimed independent state status on May 1, 1968.

Rose Island, while giving itself an official language (Esperanto), a government, a currency and a postal issue, was never formally recognized by any country in the world as an independent nation.
Occupied by police forces on June 26, 1968 and subjected to a naval blockade, Rose Island was demolished in February 1969.
The episode was slowly forgotten, regarded for decades only as an attempt to “urbanize” the sea for commercial advantages; only since the first decade of the 2000s has it been the subject of documentary research and rediscovery focusing instead on the utopian aspect of its genesis.
In 2019, the actor “Leonardo Lidi” sent from cinecittà, at Dive Planet, to obtain a diving license that will allow him to film some scenes of the famous movie “the incredible story of the island of roses” on Netflix.(In the gallery the photo of the actor during the course)

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