The Night Dive at the “Pyramids” is a fun and easy dive, and will please all tastes. The “Piramidi” is an artificial dive area, as it is a site created for mussel spawning. Only 10 mi of navigation away!
This area interdicted to all, is instead for us authorized, a beautiful dive site.
Created about 25 years ago, they now teem with marine life of all kinds.
Suitable for all kinds of patents, they have a minimum depth of 8 mt, and a maximum depth of 13 mt.
Consisting of huge iron gabions 6 mt. on each side, interspersed with dozens of concrete blocks, surmounted in the shape of a pyramid and pierced to accommodate the burrows of sheltering fish.
Each Piramidi and each cage are cymatized in order to always be able to find the top of the ascent, and also because given the huge number of structures one can get confused.
At our location you will have the opportunity to rent Torches, and various lights, to make your night fun and safe.


Gallery Notturna Piramidi


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