Dive Planet loves to stand out and does so starting from its large operational headquarters of 400 square meters. just 20 meters from the port where our 2 dinghies leave daily.

We are Padi Dive Center 5 Star Instructor Training Center and Tec Rec Center

Dive Planet is one of the rare cases of a Dive Center with Padi “Course Director” resident in the operational headquarters

The venue is equipped to meet all needs, from separate men’s and women’s bathrooms, with hot showers and hairdryers, to large areas for changing clothes.
From the 2 equipment rinsing areas, one external and one internal with 2 huge baskets full of water that is always fresh and disinfectant and many hangers for water drainage.

Below is a video about Dive Planet’s headquarters and services


The indoor and outdoor relaxation areas with chairs, benches, tables and cold drinks.

The Dive Planet staff is always available, for the loading and unloading of the dinghies, from your equipment.

Below is the video about the dinghies and mooring


The equipment storage for customers, where they can safely leave their equipment and find it ready for the next dive.

The efficient reception, with 3 telephone lines, fax and free wi-fi.

The 30 rental equipment for both recreational and technical diving, torches, BCDs, computers, regulators, twin tanks, technical BCDs, internships etc.

Our indoor glass swimming pool is available to all our customers with heated water. unique in Italy.

The workshop of 40 sqm. Tecnolab, enabled for overhauls, tests, maintenance of the best brands of equipment, where you can find all the original spare parts,
In addition to repairs to wetsuits, drysuits, zippers, collars and cuffs.

The recreational and technical cylinder refill, with 2 hyperfiltered and certified 5-stage air compressors, the membrane compressor for the direct production of Nitrox,
“booster” for the compression of technical gases, 4 analyzers and many technical gases such as Helium 5.0, Argon, Medical Oxygen, Trimix, Ean from 22% to 100%,
gas storage and absorbent refills for Rebreathers.

Shop stocked with equipment of the best brands, and second-hand market doc. Scubapro, Mare, Cressi, Coltri, Santi, 232 Bar, etc.

Classrooms for course lessons with projectors, blackboards, large tables, etc. Our staff has about 15 Instructors and 10 Divemasters, which are the backbone of our Padi courses. Private outdoor area set up for comfort, with umbrellas and deck chairs.
Free parking 10 meters from the headquarters and one free indoor parking.

Agreements with restaurants in the area for the after-dive meal.

Our priority is… your underwater happiness!