Do you space dive?
This dive in fact is very special, given the truly unusual shape of the structures. It really feels like diving around a “space module.” Each structure at the site, resting on the sandy seabed is different from the other, both in shape and in the diameter of its tubes. Example in “B” there are several ship buffers, and some beautiful platforms and walkways. In the “C” structure, the pipes form circles from which other pipes depart, and it is the largest of the 4. All are covered with life and provide shelter for numerous species and numerous schools of corvina and bluefish that swim undisturbed in schools of several dozen.

We reach this dive site in only 35 min by boat!

Dive suitable for all types of certification, so divers can dive to the depth suitable for their certification without any problems. There are four huge nearby structures that you visit during this beautiful dive, plus some low pylons resting on the bottom. Each structure has a maximum width of about 60/70 meters by about 50 meters in length, and these measurements give a sense of the enormity of the site. Very rich in fish, it is ideal for seeing passage fish in schools, with various burrowing possibilities for other types of biology very choreographic. This site, we often propose with second dive for a nice Full Day.

Minimum depth 8 meters

Maximum depth 26 mt

Minimum required certification: Scuba Diver – Open Water Diver or equivalent

Gloves, socks and personal flask required!

Download the species census form and submit it!

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