Dive Planet was born in 1996 from the passion of Stefano Paganelli,Course Director Padi,Trainer Tec Rec,and his professional staff.The challenge,to bring highly professional diving to Rimini,and above all to make everyone know and love diving in the Adriatic.After so many years,so many wrecks found and above all so many clients who have relied on Dive Planet,we do not live on our laurels,and our work continues unceasingly and always at a high level,always continuing to improve. Today the professional staff has 20 highly qualified Instructors,Assistants and Divemasters,assisted by Isa in the Administrative part,Beppe in the organizational part and Tony in the workshop department.


“ Guaranteed fun with enormous professionalism and experience. More than a dive it is a big family. You feel at home.”

““I learned about diving late, but now that I know it, I can no longer do without it …. It’s just that if the Dive Planet guys hadn’t been there, I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it so much to the point of becoming one of its instructors !”

“I have always been passionate about scuba diving and with the Dive Planet family, I was able to get to enjoy and fall in love with it even more. “

“”I like the sea, that’s why I’ve always had the desire to get to know it underwater….still in the early arms, but the guys at Dive Planet are the best! “